Mix Portfolio

Since Let Music Be is just starting out, I've been entering a lot of mixing contests and challenges over the last couple years to build a portfolio. Most of them only allow you to link to their website and not distribute the music yourself. However, a few bands have allowed mixes, or remixes to be public. You can listen to samples of my mixes that I've done in the past on the Let Music Be Soundcloud page.

Save the World by Tri State Corner

My favorite of the mixes I have on Soundcloud is called Save the World by a German band called Tri State Corner. This was a lot of fun because the guitars were all clean recordings that I got to decide every part of the tone. This song was also quite challenging. The drums were already mixed into a single stereo track so I wasn't able to treat each piece of the kit separately to make them pop. In the end, it turned out really great!

Someone Better by Mary Spender

More recently, I had a chance to mix a song for the incredibly talented Mary Spender of the United Kingdom. The song is called Someone Better. The production and recording of the song was done in 2 hours. Warren Huart was the recording engineer for this song.

Mary also posted a video about the making of this track. I watched this to get an idea of what she was thinking when she was making this song. If you are interested in seeing see some behind the scenes footage, you can see that below.

Hear More

You can find a playlist below of songs I've mixed. It includes both songs above, and more.