Contract terms

Let Music Be adapts the contract and terms to each session or service. The rates, terms, licenses, and who holds what specific rights to the completed works will vary based on the needs of the job.

Some examples of services include co-writing, which would require my name to be listed as a writer, and the percentage split will be negotiated ahead of time.

Production of a song, for example, adding bass and drums to a track is considered work for hire and all ownership of the song and writing credits would stay with the writer, while production credit goes to Let Music Be.

Mixing and mastering services are a strictly work for hire contract. The rights and ownership stay with the current songwriter and producer.

These are examples of clear situations, and our agreement with you may be different. Please reach out to discuss what you need and we can figure out the best contract terms for your needs. Generally speaking, with the exception of co-writing, you will own the rights to the song, while song production adds a percentage of revenues that are claimed by Let Music Be, you still own all the rights to the song.