About Let Music.Be

LetMusic.be is a small, independent music studio started by Shawn Rudolph that is here to help you get your music heard. 

Shawn has been involved in music in one way or another since beginning to learn guitar in the '90s. During college, Shawn played in a few bands and was an assistant live mix engineer at the college he attended during live concerts and events.

After college, Shawn spent some time in his uncle's home studio. Learning some tricks about live recording. After a break from music for a few years, Shawn began learning mixing techniques "in the box" using software in place of the live recording and mixing techniques used in live productions.

As it turns out, this is something that he now loves to do.

Currently, Shawn is working on his own music projects but started LetMusic.Be as a way to spend some time focusing on something he really enjoys, which is mixing and producing music made by other artists.

If you have quality recordings of your music, you can send them in and Shawn will get your music mixed and ready for mastering.