1, 2, 3, 4. Are we rolling?

It's finally happening!

After months of planning, buying the right gear, waiting for some of it to arrive, it's finally time. Let Music Be is now live!

Getting Started

Let Music Be, at it's core, is here to get your songs heard by other people. The majority of my energy will be on mixing and producing music. Some of that will be my own music under the name Bombest Bomb, but I love making music so much that I want to mix music for others too.

More to come!

I have some plans for this website, the blog, and more in the future. So please join me as I start on this journey of helping musicians get their songs created, heard, and their stories told.

I am going to be rolling out a new feature in the coming weeks that I'm going to be calling New Music Monday, to introduce you to new bands and new music. So please feel free to follow us on the social platform of your choice. You can find the links below.

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