Sample Works

Since Let Music Be is just starting out, I've been entering a lot of mixing contests and challenges over the last couple years to build a portfolio. Most of them only allow you to link to their website and not distribute the music yourself. However, a few bands have allowed mixes, or remixes to be public. You can listen to samples of my mixes that I've done for other bands on the Let Music Be Soundcloud page.

My favorite of the mixes on Soundcloud is called Save the World by a German band called Try State Corner. This was a lot of fun because the guitars were all clean recordings that I got to decide every part of the tone, but it was also a challenge. The drums were in stereo so I wasn't able to treat each piece of the kit separately to make them pop. In the end, it turned out really great!

For my own music, I have a couple of singles on Spotify, and working on an album. My skills have come along way since these songs, but I still like how they turned out.

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