Buffalo Ankerite

Buffalo Ankerite is a new recording duo from Ottawa Ontario with one release so far, and more songs on the way. It was formed by 2 guys that got tired of trying to find band members and began to write and record on their own.

They write all the songs as a collaboration. While all musical parts are performed by the very talented and versatile Brendan Colameco. Recording each instrument, then the vocals are performed by Korey Purdy, who also did all the engineering and recording.

Their first single is called The Low Down. I can only describe it as rock and roll. Driving chords, and distorted riffs, with great drum beats. Describing music is never a good way to experience it, so give them a listen.


I think you'll agree  it's definitely good music for anyone a fan of things that are classified rock and roll. Not Alternative, not metal, just rock. Subscribe to their Facebook and Youtube pages to find out when they release the other music that's currently in the works.

Buffalo Ankerite

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