The Stringers

Welcome to our first featured artists post

The honour of the being featured first goes to The Stringers! They are an emerging band hailing from the west end of Ottawa Ontario. They're pushing a happy blend of alternative and indie rock from Canada's capital.

Their latest release is a great tune called Betty & Veronica which can only be described indie alternative rock. It's reminiscent of Weezer mixed with the White Stripes, along with something I can't quite place my finger on. The best bet is just to listen to it yourself. I'll wait. :)

The release of their debut EP "See You At 7" propelled them into the local scene and set them on bills with local favourites Amos The Transparent and Hollerado. Back to back years at the Kingston QPop festival injected their songs onto campus radio and spread throughout the province. This laid a fine foundation for their upcoming sophomore EP that's currently in the works.

You can check them out on their Soundcloud page to hear all their songs. Personally, I think Dresses & Ties is extremely catchy. I caught my foot tapping to that one a few times. 

You can also check out their Facebook page to stay up to date on shows, get in touch with the band, or check out some photos. You'll also learn about that upcoming EP when it's closer to release!

Here are all the links to The Stringers fan pages.

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